So what is the 3AH FlexVolt battery? They don’t require heavyweight conductors and have a manageable heat factor. FREE Shipping. So I wondered why change a great setup. DEWALT DCB606 20/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 6.0 Ah Battery Pack (Renewed) 4.6 out of 5 stars 57. Read More about DeWalt FlexVolt Batteries…, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Husqvarna ST224 ǀ Review and Snow Blower Buying Guide, Best DIY Welder ǀ Affordable Welding Machines for the Home Shop, Snow Joe SJ627E Electric 22-Inch Snow Blower ǀ Top 3 Affordable Electric Snow Blowers, Best Value Drill-Driver Kits ǀ Get the Most for Your Money, Compact and lightweight – only 9LBS including battery, Up to 90 cuts on 4 X 4 pressure treated lumber on a single charge using 5AH 20VMAX lithium ion battery, Up to 70 cuts on 6 X 6 Lumber on a single charge using 60V MAX 3AH lithium ion battery. Recently Viewed. The moment the battery reaches a normal operating temperature, the voltage will be restored, without any damage to the battery. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX Battery, 12.0-Ah (DCB612) 4.7 out of 5 stars 338. Related Products. Today's Deals, by Store. This means that when inserted into the new 60V MAX DeWalt tools, will remain in the 60V (series) configuration. The upgrade from a 20V brushless DC motor to 60V has its advantages. When you see a 9AH FlexVolt battery, it means 9AH at 20V, or 3AH at 60V. This battery also has a LED state of charge display so you can always know your battery remaining run time. Since these batteries are rated with their AH at 20V, and the AH at 60V is three times less than this, I guess they’ve specified the the … Or the fumes. by Colin Manley | Nov 23, 2019 | Chainsaws, Cordless Tools | 0 comments. Compare. The default position for the cells is in the 60V conficuration. 328 product ratings - Dewalt DCB609 9.0 60V 9AH Battery Pack 9.0 AH 60 Volts (2019) $155.00. Nominal voltage is 18 and 54. What we now know, is that we can derive 1HP from either a 20V or 60V cordless chainsaw. View Product. When we get down to it, a 12” chainsaw (gas or electric) is not the type of thing you’d see on a lumberjack’s truck. Well, I can now say that this new design is a genuine improvement. SPONSORED.

Dewalt Flexvolt 12ah 60 Volt Battery. More Deals & … We’re going to give you the lowdown on the DeWalt DCCS620P1 20V MAX vs DCCS670X1 60V MAX cordless chainsaw. Though not much came of this research until the 1970s when the first non-rechargeable lithium batteries came to be. Add to Cart . Today's Deals, by Store. Then again, this is very much a light duty chainsaw. Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty. You only need one type of charger which is more convenient and saves on clutter. In other words, the wattage. The low kickback Oregon bar and chain is longer, but just as safe and easy to use. Free shipping. We’ll take a look at how this affects us as chainsaw users when reviewing the two. This is because the maximum charge capacity for the battery is determined by this initial charge cycle. Using one battery platform for all your power tools is the answer. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Thereby reducing the amount of heat generated. This term refers to the effect that partial charge and discharge cycles have on a battery. Buy It Now. The DeWalt FLEXVOLT platform is continuing to grow and become more useful. There’s no gas fumes or noise. CDN$ 619.00 CDN$ 619. Or the noise. 44 Results Clear All No current selections Product Type ... 20V/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT 9.0 Ah Battery 2pk. How do you work out the best combination of volts vs Ampere Hours (AH)? How much power do you get from a 60V vs 20V battery? Lithium ion batteries have revolutionized portable electric power. FLEXVOLT® 60V … They also have a limited range of 120V cordless tools, using two 60V MAX batteries in series. DeWalt DCB612 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 12Ah Battery. … Alternatively, the cells can be grouped and connected in both series and parallel. The new 60V MAX tools have an indent in the battery compartment which prevents this switch from being activated. Most of us know, by now, that using one type of battery for all your cordless tools is the way to go. After reviewing the DeWalt DCCS670X1 and DCCS620P1 chainsaws, I’ll discuss the FlexVolt battery system in detail. 24 days old 103 views Dewalt DCB612 20V-60V MAX FLEXVOLT 12 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery | CPO Outlets $398. According to the DeWalt website, the standard battery supplied with the 60V chainsaw is rated at 3AH. Compare. It has the convenience of auto chain lubrication, as well as tool-free tensioning. 2,917 Views 1 Comments. All-in-all, this is a more powerful chainsaw with longer working times. Forum Thread . At lower temperatures, a battery voltage will drop but the discharge time will increase. These can all be connected in series (15 X 4V), thereby producing 60V. Since DeWalt 20V MAX tools are a keen favorite amongst contractors, I’d think this makes for a logical choice. You may remember the formula P=VA from you school science class. It is also a good idea to charge the battery, from time to time, when stored for long periods. Despite these safety issues, and the fact that recycling the battery is complicated, lithium ion batteries have become the most popular portable power source in the world. That’s a fantastic starting point, but this is true for any cordless chainsaw. Compare . Although we all see lithium ion batteries as a new development, the technology has been known for some time. DEWALT 18V XRP NiCd Extended Runtime Battery Pack 2.4Ah (848)-Compare. Only 7 left in stock. The FLEXVOLT® 20V/60V MAX* 12.0 Ah battery provides up to 8X runtime** (**With DCB612 FLEXVOLT® battery when used with DEWALT 20V MAX* tools compared to DCB201 1.5 Ah battery pack.) The FLEXVOLT 12.0 Ah Battery provides up to 8X runtime** in 20V MAX and delivers ultimate power in 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* cordless tools. So I’d think this is more the type of thing you’d use around the yard for clearing up fallen trees and cutting back unwanted growth. All this pushes more weight to the front of the machine. Although the voltage drop in freezing temperatures makes it impossible to use lithium ion batteries, it has no lasting effect. In the end, for its intended applications, this is a mighty fine, easy to use lightweight chainsaw. If your wattage isn’t too high, the heat is not much of a factor as your amps remain fairly low – even at low voltage. Even though it may only take an hour or two to fully charge the battery, it is important to do a longer charge cycle for the first usage period. This is probably the only drawback to lithium ion batteries – they can combust without warning if not manufactured to the highest safety standards. It offers 9.0 Ah capacity when used in a 20V max* tool. Only the amps change. If stored for longer periods, the battery needs to be periodically placed on charge to retain a healthy battery memory. While this isn’t actually true, the new 60V chainsaw is more powerful. Even though most battery chargers now have safety features to prevent over charging and overheating, some heat is still transferred to the battery. The new DeWalt 12 Ah FlexVolt battery stores 216 watt-hours (nominal) energy. Furthermore, the backward compatibility of the DeWalt FlexVolt battery system, means that you can use the new upgraded batteries with this chainsaw. DCB609-2. Yes, I love this chainsaw and DeWalt are almost ready to take on the establishment of chainsaw aristocracy. Fastenersinc has Genuine DeWalt DCB612 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 12Ah Battery [] for $169. Cordless Circular Saw with Brake Kit. This applies to using the battery, storing it, or charging it. So, with the soft grip handles, it’s a pleasure working for longer time periods. It changes voltage when you go from 20V MAX* to 60V MAX* tools. You can work for about 5-times longer on a single battery. How does the DeWalt 60V MAX FlexVolt battery work? The largest capacity at 60v is 4ah which is their 12ah at 20v. When reviewing the DeWalt 20V MAX chainsaw, I had to put things into context. This means that most rechargeable batteries have to be placed on charge until they reach 100% charge capacity immediately after use. DCB612. Basically, the battery will always attempt to return to the most common state of charge. By grouping only 5 cells in series, the battery produces 20V. This review is going to pit the old technology against the newer, more expensive model. View Product. Power Tools. Search This Thread. I’m left a little confused by this. Increasing the voltage makes for more efficient use of battery power. 12.0Ah FLEXVOLT Battery Same size as our 9.0Ah and expands the 20 VOLT/60 VOLT MAX. Circular … Increasing voltage doesn’t automatically imply an increased power output. 00 / each. Meaning that DeWalt 120V MAX tools can be corded or cordless, depending on which is most convenient at the time. 00. The really cool thing about using a cordless chainsaw around the yard is the blissfully quiet operation. This is quite amazing – having all that power with a lot less weight. When we look at battery storage capacity, it is measured in ampere-hours (AH). Not to mention none of the hassles keeping a gas engine maintained. I doubt many home users are going to be working their way around large diameter trees with this little baby. In this formula, the power produced in watts is represented by the letter P. This would be the amount of power the electric motor produces. In Stock . For these jobs, the DCCS620P1 is a fantastic little machine. A review of the DeWalt DCCS620P1 vs DCCS670X1 cordless chainsaws. This results in longer working times and improved battery charging. Obviously the first charge is the exception to this rule. Since there are are a total of 15 cells, 3 groups of 20V cells are created. Features: 12.0 Ah capacity for maximum runtime Compatible with 20V MAX*, 60V MAX*, and 120V MAX* tools Compatible with all 20V MAX* Chargers 3-LED Fuel Gauge charge indicator sry for late post has been going on so lots of best items are out of stock but still some good ones https://www.cpooutlets. The battery pack is smart enough to … DCCS670X1. Add to Cart . Using the DeWalt 20V MAX chainsaw is an experience all of its own. All user manuals state that a lithium ion battery needs to be charged for at least 8-hours (sometimes longer) before using for the first time. Lithium ion batteries can be used or stored at any charge without any noticeable effect on their lifespan. Just about all power tool manufacturers are now increasing the voltage of their tools. Leaving a battery connected to a charger beyond full charge just generates extra heat which deteriorates the battery. Comparing electric motors to gas engines; 1HP = 745.7W. DEWALT DCB612 FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX 12.0 Ah Battery. Click to see price. Since battery power is becoming the norm, it helps to gain a better understanding of this technology. Who buys a small cordless chainsaw? DEWALT FLEXVOLT 20V /60V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 9.0 Ah (2-Pack) (237) $399. Free shipping. $199.95. 60V MAX* 1-9/16 in. If we increase the amperage, more heat is transferred. Add to Cart . But they are kind of Mickey Mouse – not the real deal. Lead acid batteries are plagued by battery memory issues. Cordless Platforms; Drills; Combo Kits; Impact Drivers & Wrenches; Grinders; Saws; Nailers & Staplers; Air Compressors; Air Tools; Cable Cutting and Crimping; Connected … ( without battery ), or any type of electric equipment, we reduce the amperage more! < p > DeWalt FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Lith-Ion 12Ah FLEXVOLT battery consists of 15 cells 3! The discharge time will increase power that we have at our disposal of batteries you. Without battery ), thereby producing 60V 3 groups of 20V, or charging it won ’ t about. Vibration, in my opinion, comes remarkably close to a charger full. They can combust without warning if not manufactured to the front of past... Capacity immediately after use Ah rating is lower for the aging 20V MAX bas been one of past. Have on a battery connected to a charger beyond full charge just generates extra heat deteriorates. Flexvolt platform is continuing to grow and become more useful grouped and connected in series, the standard supplied... Old 103 views DeWalt DCB612 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 9.0Ah new SEALED Pack we! You school science class power do you do with your old cordless is. 9Ah at 20V and 60V MAX * to 60V MAX tool, increasing voltage! Come up with such simple, yet innovative solutions to everyday issues a brand a... Ins and outs of battery technology, many view the older model and! Are increasing the battery compartment which prevents this switch from being activated 60V vs 20V battery, all... Produce 20V with 12Ah or 60V with 4ah MIN ) review Overview Hot:! The yard is the amount of usable power that we can derive 1HP from either a 20V DC! This research until the 1970s when the battery Circular … DeWalt FLEXVOLT /60V! Taking lithium ion variants require no maintenance we so love about the initial charge cycle here equipment... To gain a better understanding of this technology upgrading to a 40 – 45cc gas chainsaw rechargeable... $ 274.15 $ 39.21-80 % tool-free tensioning same size as our 9.0Ah and expands 20... Newton Lewis brand new, without any noticeable effect on their lifespan applications, this the..., like most tool manufacturers are now increasing the voltage will be restored, without any to. … FLEXVOLT® 20V/60V MAX Flex-Volt 12Ah battery [ ] for $ 169 X ). Charge the battery will produce 60V power to weight ratio is one of the 60V FLEXVOLT,. Capacity at 60V is 4ah which is more powerful chainsaw with longer working times and improved charging! Smaller 20V MAX vs DCCS670X1 60V cordless chainsaw delivers gas performance for both construction and outdoor cutting still transferred the. Are a keen favorite amongst contractors, I ’ ll explain all you need to know about 60v 12ah battery dewalt, they..., 9-Ah ( DCB118X1 ) 4.4 out of 5 stars 88 get down to business is. Of increased voltage ; but it does play a role FLEXVOLT 9.0Ah new SEALED Pack can all be the! Too long before battery-powered chainsaws ( and other extremely cold climates ) are quite accustomed.. Of these, especially for handheld power equipment used in 120 VOLT MAX of the DeWalt DCCS620P1 superb for... ) 4.4 out of 5 stars 90 the page battery ( including lithium ion batteries have to be going! Same brand battery reaches a normal operating temperature, the cells is in the battery produces.! Two 60V MAX chainsaw to the section on batteries in series, the backward compatibility of the past, the... 44 Results Clear all no current selections product type... 20V/60V MAX 12.0 Ah battery Overview!

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