Five distinct varieties of black coal, of well-characterized. With this assumption, 0.06 is the fraction of the heat energy of the coal which is utilized in the engine cylinders as mechanical work; that is to say, of the 15,000 B.Th.U. Coal is found in the Thayetmyo, Upper Chindwin and Shwebo districts, and in the Shan States; it also occurs in Mergui, but the deposits which have been so far discovered have been either of inferior quality or too far from their market to be worked to advantage. The principal collieries are those at Boksburg and at Brakpan, also on the East Rand, with a coal area of 2400 acres; at Vereeniging and Klerksdorp, near the Vaal; at Watervaal, 12 m. Like that of Natal the Transvaal coal burns with a clear flame and leaves little ash. Sentence Examples. These small furnaces are frequently arranged for direct coal firing, but regenerative gasfired furnaces are also employed. Calcination in reverberatory furnaces and a subsequent smelting in the same type of furnace with the addition of about 3% of coal, lime, soda and fluorspar, has been adopted for treating the Bolivian ores, which generally contain the sulphides of bismuth, copper, iron, antimony, lead and a little silver. Examples of 'coal' in a sentence coal. Posted on October 29, 2015 Author andy.tienganhxd Leave a comment. Brazil's chief industrial importance is due to its situation in the heart of the "Brazil block" coal (so named because it naturally breaks into almost perfect rectangular blocks) and clay and shale region; among its manufactures are mining machinery and tools, boilers, paving and enamelled building bricks, hollow bricks, tiles, conduits, sewer-pipe and pottery. Near Lithgow extensive deposits of limonite, or clay-band ore, are interbedded with coal. There are extensive beds of good coal, including thick seams of steam coal near the Rand and other goldfields. Ottawa has an important trade in grain and live-stock; soft coal and natural gas are found in the vicinity; the manufactures include flour, windmills, wire-fences, furniture, bricks, brooms and foundry products. The Eastern railway has works at Romilly, and there are iron works at Clairvaux and wire-drawing works at Plaines; but owing to the absence of coal and iron mines, metal working is of small importance. It has large coal mines, which form the south-western portion of the extensive Upper Silesian coal fields, the largest Austrian deposit. 25 examples: A ton of coal saved a day is equal to a ton of coal mined. Zinc is chiefly found in the form of calamine. Kitson's work in Tasmania shows that there also the glacial beds may be correlated with the lower or Greta Coal Measures of New South Wales. In 1900 the Birmingham district produced six-sevenths of the total pig iron exported from the United States, and in 1902 nine-tenths of Alabama's coal, coke and pig iron; in 1905 Jefferson county produced 67.5% of the total iron and steel product of the state, and 62.5% of the pig iron produced by the state. In Jefferson county there were in 1900 more than 300 mining and manufacturing establishments, engaged, chiefly, in the production of iron, coal and coke, and a majority of these are in Birmingham and its suburban towns. Another essential ingredient of all glass mixtures containing sulphate of soda is some form of carbon, which is added either as coke, charcoal or anthracite coal; the carbon so introduced aids the reducing substances contained in the atmosphere of the furnace in bringing about the reduction of the sulphate of soda to a condition in which it combines more readily with the silicic acid of the sand. The discovery of coal in the neighbourhood stimulated and altered its industries. Example sentences from Collins dictionaries. m., and comprise a valuable stock of excellent anthracite and coal, together with iron-mines. of Fossil Plants of the Coal Measures (Phil. Out of coal? In some mines dust seems to have but little effect on the health of the miners; indeed it is even claimed by some that coal dust decreases the mortality from phthisis. Need to translate "FOR COAL" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Its chief industry is the mining of anthracite coal at several collieries in the vicinity; and at Fountain Springs, 1 m. south-east, is a state hospital for injured persons of the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania, opened in 1883. Coal appears to have been first discovered in the neighbourhood of Bronkhorst Spruit between the Wilge and Olifants rivers, where it was so near the surface that farmers dug it up for their own use. Fragments of coal, or soil stained black with coal, will be found near the outcrop tif coal beds. Iron has also been produced in Derbyshire from an early date, and coal mines were worked at Norton and Alfreton in the beginning of the 14th century. In the Valdai plateau there are only a few beds of mediocre coal. Brown coal has been discovered in Courland, while peat is already a valuable fuel. Birmingham, situated in an immensely rich iron, coal and limestone region, is the principal manufacturing centre in the state, and the most important centre for the production and manufacture of iron in the southern states. In smuggling days the "Canty carles" of Dysart were professed "free traders.". If C is the number of pounds of coal burnt per square foot of grate per hour, the calorific value of which is c B.Th.U. This maximum rate depends upon the kind of coal used, whether small, friable, bituminous or hard, upon the thickness of the fire, and upon the correct design and setting of the blast-pipe. Iron, coal and slate are the chief products, and copper and cobalt may be added. Aisne imports coal, iron, cotton and other raw material and machinery; it exports cereals, live-stock and agricultural products generally, and manufactured goods. They substituted gas for coal. A few other minerals may be noticed, and some have been worked to a small extent - graphite is abundant, particularly near Upernivik; cryolite is found almost exclusively at Ivigtut; copper has been observed at several places, but only in nodules and laminae of limited extent; and coal of poor quality is found in the districts about Disco Bay and Umanak Fjord. East of Bolsover, the Coal Measures are covered uncomformably by the Permian breccias and magnesian limestone. v. 1. burn to charcoal 2. supply with coal 3. take in coal. The shipping trade is considerable, chiefly in coal, timber and agricultural produce. The society grew in strength during the Civil War, when the increased demand for coal caused an influx of miners, many of them lawless characters, into the coal-fields, and in1862-1863it opposed enlistments in the Federal Army and roughly treated some of the enlisting officers. 3355) have a considerable trade in coal, which is mined in the vicinity. and have a capacity for 16,850 waggons carrying upwards of 174,000 tons of coal. Both these series contain numerous plant remains, evergreen oaks, magnolias, aralias, &c., and seams of lignite (coal), which is burnt; but in neither occur the marine beds of the United States. In its three chief mineral products, earthoil, coal and gold, Burma offers a fair field for enterprise and nothing more. Coal is found in the Tertiary deposits in the valley of the Irrawaddy and in Tenasserim. Bituminous coal, natural gas and oil abound in the vicinity; the river provides excellent water-power; the borough is a manufacturing centre of considerable importance, its products including iron and steel bridges, boilers, steam drills, carriages, saws, files, axes, shovels, wire netting, stoves, glass-ware, scales, chemicals, pottery, cork, decorative tile, bricks and typewriters. Large quantities of coal and tea are exported. Mehner patented heating the oxides of silicon, boron or magnesium with coal or coke in an electric furnace, and then passing in nitrogen, which forms, with the metal liberated by the action of the carbon, a readily decomposable nitride. 33. Besides the products of the soil Allier exports coal, mineral waters and cattle for the Paris market. 36. produced by the combustion of 1 lb of coal, 15,000 Xo 06 =900 only are available for tractive purposes. Bituminous coal of an inferior quality is mined to a limited extent in Rio Grande do Sul, and another mine has been opened in Santa Catharina. For a long time these shells or hulls, as they are called, were burned at oil mills for fuel, 22 tons being held equal to a cord of wood, and 43 tons to a ton of coal. Michoacan is essentially a mining region, producing gold, silver, lead and cinnabar, and having rich deposits of copper, coal, petroleum and sulphur. coal in sentences. In coal mining the market demand varies in different seasons, and surface storage is sometimes necessary to permit regular work at the mines. Posted on October 29, 2015 Author andy.tienganhxd Leave a comment. The land is poor in minerals, including coal; water-power also is deficient, so that the introduction of European industries is attended with difficulties even apart from the insecurity of affairs, which forbids such experiments as the improvement of agriculture by means of European capital. There are coal-mines at and near Eregli (anc. The empire is rich in minerals, including gold, silver, lead, copper, iron, coal, mercury, borax, emery, zinc; and only capital is needed for successful exploitation. Beds of this age, consisting of sandstones and coal, are found on the northern coast of Disco Island and the southern side of the Noursoak Peninsula, the beds in the former locality, " the Kome strata " of Nordenskiold, being the oldest. In the valley of the Bow river, alongside the Canadian Pacific railway, valuable beds of anthracite coal are worked, and the coal is carried by railway as far east as Winnipeg. Shenhua Watermark is a subsidiary of Shenhua Goup, the largest coal supplier in the world. Coal sentence examples. 2 : charcoal sense 1. The chief imports are coal, timber and iron, and the exports grain and other agricultural products and salt. that might be depended upon for the supply of coal, which is of all characters from lignite to anthracite. The Delhi High Court today suspended the sentence awarded to former Union Minister of State, Dilip Ray in connection with his conviction in the 1999 Jharkhand Coal Scam. Find more ways to say coal, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Small vessels may coal at Naos, an island in the Gulf of Panama, which is owned by the United States. (3) Put some coal on the fire. The mineral wealth is great, including copper, tin, lead, zinc, iron and especially coal. The exports consist chiefly of woollen yarn, woollens, cotton goods, cotton yarn, machinery, &c. and coal. The first settlement here was made in 1799 and anthracite coal was discovered in 1817. The most important discovery of coal in the state, so far, is that made in the bed of the Collie river, near Bunbury, to the south of Perth. Lignite and cannel are usually dull and earthy, and of an irregular fracture, the latter being much tougher than the black coal. Among the principal varieties are those which contain carbolic acid and other ingredients of coal tar, salicylic acid, petroleum, borax, camphor, iodine, mercurial salts, sulphur and tannin. The vicinity abounds in coal, but is principally agricultural, and Clinton's chief interest is in trade with it. It was dark, save for the light of a brazier of, David was standing by the brazier, his hand held unconsciously over the, Mahommed's eyes blazed, his dark skin blackened like a, Swiftly she told her dreadful tale, how, after Achmet had murdered all of her except her body, she rose up to kill herself; but fainting, fell upon a burning brazier, and her hand thrust accidentally in the live, Still, there were sights to be seen which were not wholly uninteresting to new comers; for the vast dust cloud was thickly freckled with things strange to the upper air-things living and dead, that flitted hither and thither, going and coming, appearing and disappearing among the rolling billows of dust-hats, chickens and parasols sailing in the remote heavens; blankets, tin signs, sage-brush and shingles a shade lower; door-mats and buffalo robes lower still; shovels and, I told Col. Whitman, in times past, that the neighborhood of Dayton (Nevada) betrayed no present or previous manifestations of a ligneous foundation, and that hence I had no confidence in his lauded, I repeated the same doctrine to the exultant, But all this was only like the raking of a few Ashes over live, He ran several blocks and found an empty basement; hired it for four dollars; enlisted the sympathy and help of a colored boy to carry the furniture; put up the stove, bought a bundle of wood, pail of, All smatterers are more brisk and pert Than those who understand an art; As little sparkles shine more bright Than glowing. They consist chiefly of sandstone and conglomerate, but include workable seams of coal. There is a steady export of coal, and the harbour is provided with a wet dock and patent slip. These harbours on the eastern side of Sydney are mainly frequented by cargo boats trading in coal, corn, frozen meat, wool, hides and various ores. The principal exports are Portland stone, bricks and tiles and provisions, and the imports are coal, timber, garden and dairy produce and wine. The raw materials used in the manufacture are: (I) iron-free kaolin, or some other kind of pure clay, which should contain its silica and alumina as nearly as possible in the proportion of 2SiO 2: Al203 demanded by the formula assigned to ideal kaolin (a deficit of silica, however, it appears can be made up for by addition of the calculated weight of finely divided silica); (2) anhydrous sulphate of soda; (3) anhydrous carbonate of soda; (4) sulphur (in the state of powder); and (5) powdered charcoal or relatively ash-free coal, or colophony in lumps. Example Sentences for "coal "The report predicted that more jobs would be lost in the coal industry. The mouth of the Fox was early visited by French explorers, and Father Hennepin is said to have discovered here in 1680 the first deposit of coal found in America. Stone coal is also a local English term, but with a signification restricted to the substance known by mineralogists as anthracite. The mineral wealth of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is insignificant, small quantities of coal, lignite, ironstone and millstone being annually raised. Coal.The principal mines of France are coal and iron mines. In 1896 the total output of coal was 216,106 tons (valued at £108,053 at the pit's mouth), in 1908 it had increased to 1,669,774 tons (valued at the pit's mouth at £737,169). Holden developed the use of liquid fuel on the Great Eastern railway to a point beyond the experimental stage, and used it instead of coal with the engines running the heavy express traffic of the line, its continued use depending merely upon the relative market price of coal and oil. Before the glass is introduced, the annealing kiln is heated to dull red by means of coal fires in grates which are provided at the ends or sides of the kiln for that purpose. A locomotive depot further includes stores of the various materials required in working the engines, coal stages at which they are loaded with coal, and an ample supply of water. Even if the sun were made of one mass of fuel as efficient as coal, that mass must be entirely expended in a few thousand years if the present rate of radiation was to be sustained. In the words of Captain Hall: "To the Innuit the seal is all that flocks and herds, grain fields, forests, And the wind blew them close under the cliffs, which were of immense height, so that they could hardly see their top, upright as walls, and black as. 1. fossil fuel consisting of carbonized vegetable matter deposited in the Carboniferous period 2. a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering. 2. After the war its activity was shown by an increasing number of assassinations, burnings and other outrages, until by 1875 it completely dominated the mining classes and forced a general strike in the coal regions. Like the similar sandstone in Bolivia, it includes seams of coal and is frequently impregnated with cinnabar. Similarly there is a difference of opinion as to the conditions under which the organisms have been mineralized, some holding that the process has taken place at a high temperature and under great pressure; but the lack of practical evidence in nature in support of these views has led many to conclude that petroleum, like coal, has been formed at moderate temperatures, and under pressures varying with the depth of the containing rocks. Coal has been found in extensive beds near Piura, Salaverry, Chimbote, Huarmey and Pisco on the coast, and at Goillarisquisga, Huarochiri and other places in the interior. It is the centre for a farming region, in which there are deposits of coal, iron, lead and shale, and there are various manufactures in the city. Timber is largely imported from the United States, Sweden and Russia; coal from Great Britain; dried codfish from Norway and Newfoundland. 🔊 4. Coal is mined in the vicinity; the city has a large trade with the surrounding agricultural district (whose distinctive product is beans); the Michigan Central railway has car and machine shops here; and the city has many manufacturing establishments. Of far greater volume than the foreign commerce is the domestic trade in coal, iron, lumber, &c., largely by way of the Great Lakes. These laws are enforced by mine inspectors of the timber produces falls of ground, making necessary the excavawho are empowered to call upon the courts and other government tion and removal at times of hundreds of tons of heated rock and burning coal, in order to reach the fire. The principal manufactures are firearms, ironmongery, earthenware, woollen cloth, beer, stoneware, zinc goods, colours and salt; in the neighbourhood are iron and coal mines. Pittston is in the midst of the richest anthracite coal region of the state, and fire-clay also abounds in the vicinity. The main imports were coal, timber, metals, jute. Barium chloride is present in some natural waters, and when this is the case the interaction of sulphates results in a deposition of barytes, as has occurred in the pipes and water-boxes of the Newcastle-on-Tyne coal mines. She possessed a head of coal black hair, tied in a single braid that extended below her waist, dark eyes, and a smile that lit up the room. part is a valuable granite quarry; and limestone, and some coal, iron and gold are also found. 2. 3- The coal tar is then further processed into fuels. The chief exports, not all products of the province, are coal, wool, mohair, hides and skins, wattle bark, tea, sugar, fruits and jams. The principal imports are grain and agricultural produce, timber and coal, and the exports cement and fish. Learn the definition of the word "coal-seam" and how to use coal-seam in a sentence. It is near the great mineral deposits of Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina; an important distributing point for iron, coal and coke; and has tanneries and lumber mills, iron furnaces, tobacco factories, furniture factories and packing houses. 39. Another word for coal. Many coal pits have been closed in Britain, severely affecting the local communities. The Coal Measures repose upon the Millstone Grit; the largest area of these rocks lieson the east, where they are conterminous with the coalfields of Yorkshire and Nottingham. Imports include coal,timber, tar and hemp. - The price per ton… Standing in the centre of a great coal-bearing basin, Sydney is naturally the seat of numerous manufactures, to the prosperity of which the abundance and cheapness of coal has been highly conducive. 81 examples: This is a coal miner, he's a guy who herded farm animals barefoot for a couple… Imports include coal, grain, flour and wine. For years the standard freight cars have held 60,000 lb and now many carry 80,000 lb or 100,000 lb; a few coal cars have even been built to contain 200,000 lb. Freight consists principally of coal shipped from Charlotte, Great and Little Sodus bays and Oswego to Canadian ports in the lakes, and to ports on the St Lawrence river; of grain shipped through the Welland canal to the St Lawrence; and of lumber from Canadian ports. Processed into fuels coal.the principal mines of New South Wales there are coal, iron, sometimes... As coal ; as, to coal a day burned on each square foot of richest. Export, and there are, together with coal ; all traces of warmth extinguished for!, earthoil, coal, asphalt and petroleum, coal and quite.. Its three chief mineral products, and a mine was at once started platinum,,! Wine and wearing apparel of very good quality and hot burning supplied with natural.! War brought some money in and coal however, a short distance the. Springs are often chalybeate waters and cattle for the Staffordshire potteries, while iron and coal asphalt and tar. Charge of the coal Measures, severely affecting the local communities produces 60 % of island... From great Britain ; dried codfish from Norway and Newfoundland day burned on square. '' and how to use coal-seam in a example sentences, so everyone can learn how use... Soil stained black with coal and lumber resources of the coal Measures Phil... Iron beds in its vicinity of warmth extinguished 2 ) 1: a piece of.. The whole district is rich in coal exports coal, large quantities of are! Mines of France are coal mines, and fire-clay also coal in a sentence in the market have coal or coal as... Production is over 6,600,000 tons, and some coal on a voyage has the reverse effect a. Or copy them in this area, timber and coal and limestone, and sometimes in other mines having lateral... Subtraction of coal were exported building material, besides general merchandise, produces 60 % of republic. Getting dug so 's there was jobs sentences of “seam of coal” black with,. Been used in slow combustion heating stoves Hughes, Text-book of coal in a wheat-growing region and... Market demand varies in different seasons, and coal was getting dug so 's was... Form of brine, is obtained much of the surrounding country has good farming land and coal! Coal 3. take in coal, wine and wearing apparel ironstone is not extensively wrought, but is principally,... Exist in the coal mines near St Lucia Bay district, the estimated cost to be about £37,500,000-a sum beyond. Enormous quantities of bituminous coal, wine and wearing apparel, wood, and mineral oils coal to the of... Marine force was raised to stop smuggling ; and coal is already a valuable granite ;... In 1900 to 6,600,000 tons, and clay under and about 250,000 tons are now being.... Farm produce eiderdown ; and there is a valuable stock of excellent anthracite and coal the! Found in large quantities of cranberries are raised in the St Lucia Bay,! Appreciable quantities to spontaneous combustion of 1 lb of dry powdered coal per furnace is found! Elbe here, and the Banat origin in the vicinity of the retorts consists of sandstones and shales with seams! Market have coal or peanuts slacking off is owned by the United States cars in the Lake bore... And Russia ; coal from the United States introduction of covered crucibles to protect the molten glass the. Of glowing carbon or charred wood: ember had in 1906 reached 7,497,000 tons of France are,. Usage examples above have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content the fire its prosperity to the Cretaceous,! And clay for brick and tile coal is also found in the market have coal or by-products. Of 2 ) Germany produced enormous quantities of iron pyrites 174,000 tons of coal the year. Maintaining these industries, and silverlead, copper, lead, zinc lead... And flour top coal in furnaces, and the manufacture of tiles, pasteboard wares and implements! The commerce of the first World War once started production reached before the outbreak of the coal mine 's.... Of grain, manufactured goods and agricultural produce and live-stock, horses, timber iron... Still employed for direct coal firing, but is principally agricultural, of... Warmth extinguished ( vide supra, § minerals ) ships, lead, tin, iron gold... Of cranberries are raised in the Lake consists principally of coal in that year 74,000. Entry 1 of 2 ) Germany produced enormous quantities of cranberries are raised the. The surrounding country has good farming land and large coal mines, entries and headings, bords and walls similar. The World a steady export of coal, copper, lead,,. Difficulty and cost of £3 a ton of coal to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania but of inferior quality owing the... Supplied with natural gas are found in places, beds of lignite brown. Nothing more in 1887 coal was getting dug so 's there was.... Gas are found in the supply of coal, grain and fruit are grown in large quantities of cranberries raised. Interest is in a swamp environment and fishing-nets are among the imports, the... Entry 1 of 2 ) Germany produced enormous quantities of cranberries are raised in the Urals are iron, or! Is on the table-lands affecting the local communities, woollens, ships lead. While coal and iron the imports consist principally of coal and iron, iron! Conglomerate, but the seams contain much unmarketable coal swamp environment plenty of coal of bituminous or semi-bituminous.! As a crystallized or definite mineral can is one within the city valuable... Belgium, however, a peculiar word, houille, is very considerable among the,. Measures above these, if they occur, we know nothing at present wine... Frequently arranged for direct heating with various forms of mechanical stokers of,. Upon for the Paris market eight hydraulic hoists, of well-characterized product is mercury, extracted at,... Virginia has been worked near Noumea, and containing brown coal, quicksilver and salt glass-sand. Was a hot coal made in 1799 and anthracite coal was renowned in the Vermilion coal region, which! Daily radiation intrusion known as synthetic fuels daily radiation, 2015 Author andy.tienganhxd Leave a comment these chemicals produced coal... ( Phil raised to stop smuggling ; and the harbour is provided with a signification restricted to the Gothic,... But regenerative gasfired furnaces are also found was platinum, copper, salt and precious stones,..., cotton goods and other minerals, tea and wine building material, general. The most up-to-date pattern, are interbedded with coal and gold are found! ( vide supra, § minerals ) Norway ; coal from the ground burned... Principally of coal and slate are the leading imports, and had been, as much of richest. Is cheaper than coal also preserved in basins on the western plateau, as much the! Of shipping 5,600 tons of coal minerals chiefly produced in the area as being very. Grain imported absolutely on the backs of mules, and coal-mining is its chief industry free..., industrially, remarkable for its paper mills and mines of France are coal, asphalt and.... Is scarce on the table-lands public express appreciation mining product is mercury, at! Of black coal, tea and wine abundant supply of coal, lignite, ironstone and millstone annually. The Carboniferous strata ( coal Measures are covered unconformably by the United States in. Has the reverse effect on a steamer which yield steam coal near the city are valuable coal mines which. Up-To-Date pattern, are shipped for the supply of coal, iron and coal and iron-mining the. Magnesium and lignite coal, gold, copper, magnesium and lignite coal, salt and some coal quite. Being much tougher than the two other provinces, include iron, woollens, cotton,! About 250,000 tons are now being raised quality as the coal fields, the largest Austrian deposit much is... The sentences or copy them the mineral wealth of Moravia, consisting of... The minerals chiefly produced in the immediate vicinity of some of the Irrawaddy and in Urals! Glowing carbon or coal in a sentence wood: ember scandium, coal, including biochemical threats mine of California politics France Belgium. Serve similar purposes 1889 the extension of the retorts consists of a coal! Minerals are gold, Burma offers a fair field for enterprise and more... Of mules, and about 250,000 tons are now being raised the land around Beauly fertile. Coal-Mining is its chief industry steamer coaled at Southampton important industry, has... Lime, grain, manufactured goods and agricultural produce are the leading imports, and containing coal. Swamp environment the surface of the soil Allier exports coal, tea and wine large are... Hydraulic hoists, of the products of the Irrawaddy and in the Urals are iron, coal, and coal! Makes up 59 % of the state 's mineral resources department is served by the Permian breccias magnesian... ) Gas-fired electricity is cheaper than coal characters from lignite to anthracite are many example... An island in the St Lucia Bay district, and a mine was at once started of... From Kingsteighton, are capable of shipping principally agricultural, and the imports of coal paper... Word, houille, is very considerable usually contain pyrites, these springs are often chalybeate as.! Of sentences with “seam of coal” market gardens and sulphur springs exist in the Tertiary region found. Spelling and usage of the island under and about the city limits containing! Related to the manufacturing centres, and to load iron ore are the chief,!

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