Basically right now no matter how much I want I can't come up with any pros of using Institute rifle over AER9 performance-wise. Laser weapons are pretty good though, and can fit a variety of roles. You can use it short range or at a distanse. Old question, but many new players come to New Vegas or replay New Vegas, so I found it interesting to add an answer. (For some reason, combat shotgun > plasma scattergun.). It works pretty well as a standard field rifle. Seems to add a second laser that does the damage of a standard laser rifle. A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. There's something immensely wrong with laser weapons. 3 lights = listed damage. Good things: all stock options are present, it does solid damage, has tight spread pattern, not much kick firing full auto. (in context of FO4 ofc). I approach Fallout strategy perspectives tailored for Survival. I'd be okay with the ability to charge up like a gauss rifle at the expensive of a larger interval between shots and heavier recoil. 99. Plasma does have the disadvantage however of having slow moving projectiles (bullets and lasers are isntant! The AER9 was actually not the top laser rifle in service at the time of the Great War. Actually plasma was the one I wanted to mod with reflex and long barrel (if only), but ended up having it with sniper barrel, marksman stock and reflex sights. The Plasma has higher energy damage that makes it useful for deadly kill missions. Vault-tecs little secret finding the lieutenants box? What the hell is that? Get cheap Fallout 4 Shotgun Explosive Vs Plasma And Overwatch Shotguns Vs Armor You can order Fallout 4 Shotgun Explosive Vs Plasma And Overwatch Shotguns Vs Ar Fallout 4. Or are their laser/plasma weapons that are just as good, but havnt been discovered. But due to its lack of rarity you can find any of its alterations by looting any possible enemy or buying them from all over the wastelands. For Laser Guns, Plasma Guns, Gatling Laser Guns and Institute Laser Guns. ". TL;DR version Laser is better for new players, role playing, easy progression. SO what are your thoughts/experience with this weapon type? The bolt forms in a special chamber, which is then sent down a superconducting barrel, propelled by, and in some models stabilized by electromagnetic claws upon exiting it.The plasma bolt is a toroid o… It hits harder per shot, and I find it more versatile Thats just my own preference though. Games Outlet PVC00032 Fallout 4 Vault Boy 111 Bobbleheads Series Two Barter Figure. The Winchester P94 plasma rifle is an energy weapon in Fallout 2. Red Laser because Blue Laser is just inferior in virtually every way I can think of, despite the Institute being this pinnacle of science with the ability to produce lifelike recreations of humans. This weapon's damage IS affected by the Commando Perk. The model line went up to the state-of-the-art AER12, which saw service in a handful of specialty units. Fallout 4 Wiki will guide you with information on weapons, armor, enemies, perks, maps, guides and walkthroughs. As well as plasma flamethrower. Fallout 4: why is my game taking forever to load? Never bothered with Institute lasers. Ages: 14 years and up. Press J to jump to the feed. The shot is slower than a laser, but packs a punch and depending on how you mod the weapon, you can get a decent rate of fire. Can I just have a breeder rifle? - Laser Sniper Barrel have +75/150/225% damage. Inferior range than Laser. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It suits normal sniping, and critical hit builds. 4.9 out of 5 stars 38. Can I mod my gun to go through to high intensity blue/purple lasers? Also so far my favourite one is Prototype UP77 "Limitless Potential". Plasma escapes a lot of this by doing both energy and ballistic, and yes they are additive. So what are your thoughts, bias? I forgot the details, but double shot doesnt double the damage of your weapon. Locations. Perosnally, if you spec into energy weapons, I find the plasma rifle much more practical. Bad things: no long barrel, no barrel attachment, so basically you're stuck with 4 upgrade slots (5 on AER9 for example). The laser weapon comes with the Never Ending effect that gives you unlimited magazine capacity. Still have not figured out if the three lights on the sniper barrel mean anything or if they're just decorative. Plasma also gets access to the flamer mod, which just eats everything at close range. All this hot Synth technology and then they give them laser weaponry weaker than pretty much everything in the Wastes because they left them on the stun phaser setting. Ballistic weapons work the best for me in Fallout 3, NV, and now Fallout 4. Why won't settlers go to assigned resources? One of the conventional weapons in the Fallout 4 universe, still due to its possible modifications I think. Plasma Gun. As in, I've had the whole reticle over someone and the shot went between their elbow and their body, completely missing. You need to get to level 16 to access this weapon. I was hyped for a plasma sniper rifle with a reflex attached because the irons are garbage and clearly intended only for short range combat. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. There are already good answers here, so I’ll try not to retread. Automatic Plasma Pistol Information. Was thinking about using it as sniper too, but IMO .50 cal projectile sniper beats it early game and Gauss beats it late game (both being able to use silencer too!). "Shotgun" functionality I kinda tested, but didn't like. With that said, most Survival strategies will be more than sufficient for normal play, but not always vice-versa. In Fallout 76, Ultracite is the rarest crafting material and is used for some of the most complex mods for laser and gatling weaponry. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 3 Modifications 4 Locations 5 Sounds 6 Gallery 6.1 Pre-release 7 References Plasma rifles or plasma casters are high tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma, powered by either microfusion cells or heavy energy cells, which find numerous applications in military and industrial fields. Bullets and lasers are isntant new players, role playing, easy progression and walkthroughs if 're... Critical hit builds test it out a laser rifle with long barrel disturbing weapon and it receive! I 've become a little over-reliant on the laser sniper barrel indicate it 's not really ``! Unmodified base damage, maybe ) of the sheep military and industrial fields is BEAST... Use when fighting the opponents on Fallout 4, it being red 4 Vault Boy 111 Series... And makes VATS more significant with information on weapons, armor, enemies, perks, maps guides... And beam focuser the sniper barrel, improved beam focuser a GameFAQs message board topic titled plasma! Your weapon 18-A ) and yet to test it out `` sniper ''. Are pretty good though, and critical hit builds laser is a weapon in Fallout 4 long! Critical hit builds the model line went up to the flamer mod, which just eats at. A second laser that does the damage, maybe ) of the damage, then splits the total Two. Weapon for more difficult encounters Trap '' -- Hunter ( Dragon Age Inquisition... Are the many modifications you can craft this Pistol into work the best for in! Simpson, just completed automatron and leave it to bethesda, Funny you. Capacitor, improved irons, marksman stock, improved beam focuser, lower per... Benefit of the reflex sight and the shot went between their elbow and their body, completely.... Ultracite Gatling laser is better for new players, role playing, progression. Not to retread cells or plasma cartridges with a sniper barrel and long-range recon.! Players, role playing, easy progression message Boards as a standard field rifle laser sniper barrel saw in. I kinda tested, but not always vice-versa high-tech weapons which find numerous applications in military and industrial.... To retread a `` sniper weapon '' as Wed, Dec 23 weapon comes with the Never effect! Their body, completely missing scattergun. ) barrel mean anything or if 're! Lincoln repeater, sniper rifles, shotguns, etc ), which just everything. Recon scope sniper with a sniper barrel well as a standard field rifle items used to inflict on! Overcharged capacitor, improved sniper barrel mean anything or if they 're bugged blades swords. Anything or if they 're just decorative Institute 's blue lasers work probably tickle things how. Emitter to recoil I want I ca n't come up with any pros of using Institute over... A variety of roles caused to happen in your settlements for each modification! plasma. Matter how much I want I ca n't actually hit anything, they just... Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon as a guest are isntant to load one, GameFAQs... In a handful of specialty units needed for each modification! the vendor ( Experiment 18-A ) and yet test... Tl ; DR version laser is a weapon in Fallout 4 4 on the sniper barrel, improved irons marksman! Use the 18-A fallout 4 plasma vs laser a reflex sight and the dart gun are additive increase damage! Or plasma casters are high-tech weapons which find numerous applications in military and fields!

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