Once again, we are reminded of the wisdom that Yogi Berra gave us: “Baseball is 90 percent mental; the other half is physical.”. "We know how much Derek's Turn 2 Foundation means to him, so we wanted to do something significant to help the organization as it works to positively impact young lives," Sass said. However, most of our factory production at the time was dedicated to producing gunstocks and tank pins for the WWII war effort. The work was tough because pecan wood is much harder than the Northern White Ash used for most baseball bats, at the time. Imagine hearing first-hand accounts from Stan Coveleski, Specs Toporcer, Fred Snodgrass, and many more greats from the early 20th Century. This formula filled bat was created for the Ontario Science Centre in 1988. The better the bat feels, the better your swing will feel. They walked Ott five times in the second game; including one with the bases loaded! His military service was bookended by his on field accomplishments including being a 5x All-Star and a 2x World Series champ. The Big Bat that greets everyone as they enter our building sets the tone! Read more about the Remarkable Records and Fantastic Feats that we celebrate at Louisville Museum & Factory. Like a kid on Christmas morning, he is unboxing an order of brand-new Louisville Slugger bats. In 1935, O’Doul returned to San Francisco where he became manager of the Seals for 17 seasons. Roush was on the Reds team that defeated Jackson's White Sox in 1919. That changed in 1972. Louisville Slugger wood bats come in various turning models, weights, and lengths. Rather, it sticks out to beckon the curiosity of the Vault’s visitors. Read up on the wacky superstitions and pre-game rituals that helped some legendary sluggers over the years. Bonilla was part of the resurgent Pittsburgh Pirates teams of the late 80s and early 90s. All markings are present and correct for the era. The first baseball bobbleheads were made in 1960 and the lineup included only 4 players: Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Willie Mays. So why not slice off the half of the barrel? In 1966, Hillerich & Bradsby Co. expanded into other sports outside of baseball. Jump to p72 baseball bat, model bats a bat dating and bradsby co. Owning any artifact from one of the best hitters to ever play the game is special, but even more-so is owning a piece of where it all began. The 125 is not the model number. He went on to accumulate the 6th most steals in history (752) in just 1371 games, or .549 steals per game. Babe Ruth's bat model, for instance, was R-43; he was the 43rd player with a last name beginning in "R" to have a bat model named for him. K, BB, HBP, WP, HR: These are just some common abbreviations on a baseball scorecard. This is placed there on store model bats to assist the buyer in identifying the Judging by his placement of the bats, Upton appears to be inspecting each one. The drug use, the drinking, the womanizing. By 1932 The list of player endorsements grew He had degrees from Princeton and Columbia but played baseball professionally. This portrait of Ruth represents his connection as it was signed with affection to Louisville Slugger’s creator and his wife: “To my Pals, Bud and Rose.”. Read up on the wacky superstitions and pre-game rituals that helped some legendary sluggers over the years. The 125 is not the Model number. Bradley returned to Louisville where he would make the modifications Clemente had requested and thus the C276 model was created. Then read this book! 1973-75 Hank Aaron 33" Vintage 125 Powerized Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat. Every bat we make tells a story, and this story is backed by science! Sign up for special updates and sweet deals. H&B’s croquet mallets came in three different head sizes and two different handle styles. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory recently acquired this 1982 press photo showing Pride taking batting practice with the Rangers. One can only surmise that Al Lopez expected his coaches to hit A LOT of fungos on the South Side of Chicago. Within 2 years, he would make his first of four All-Star teams. Check out these 3 bats from our collection to see how the shape of bats has evolved through the decades to fit the needs of hitters. Bradley traveled from Louisville to Cincinnati to meet with Clemente in person. Field of Dreams leaves you with a hope that your troubles can be eased with a good game of ball. This organization represented all levels of minor league baseball in its nearly 70 years (A-AAA), had 5 different major league affiliates, and 3 different ballparks around town. Dicks Sporting Goods . I'd like to think that my kids would find it amazing that I saw Derek Jeter and Mike Piazza play. Here he is (on the left) with fellow Hall of Famer Satchel Paige. In November 1996, Ali visited the newly opened Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and signed a torch given to H&B. His bat model number = C271. We have yet to discover who this cap belonged to and what experiences they had in it but having a piece of local baseball history is special nonetheless. Born in San Francisco in 1897, O’Doul was a star pitcher in minors. The location of the league was crucial to its success, as gasoline restrictions were the norm due to WWII rationing. It was in Chicago that year when Metro took his swing at a uniquely shaped fungo. A strong hitter, good manager, pioneer of the game and restauranteur, no one else carved a path as O’Doul did. At least the Giants routed the duplicitous Phils, 12 – 3. Bar", it tells you how good it is.”. It was a way for me to pay better attention to the game, the players, and it was a nice memento to look at years later. When Herman returned to the Dodgers in 1946, Reese had developed into a Top-10 MVP candidate, but the second base job had gone to Eddie Stanky. Within our museum collection, we have an official AAGPBL baseball which was used by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League between 1943 - 1950. All told, O’Doul retired with a .349 career MLB batting average, one of the highest of all-time. The leather case is impressed with Ted's initials "TSW" (Theodore Samuel Williams). We'll be adding new content to the Virtual Museum every Thursday. When letters proceed the number Item model number WTLHZS18E28 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Color Blue-Red Size 34 inch/28 oz Length 34 inches Weight 1.36 Kilograms Material Composite Number of Items 1 Sport Softball Included Components Softball bat Batteries Included? Imagine a legendary songwriter who sung tunes for downtrodden underdogs writing lyrics about a baseball player who, seemingly, only knew success...That contradicting combination would land you "Joe DiMaggio Done It Again.". Both examples have me questioning the intent of Guthrie, however, each verse ends with the (possibly) reassuring refrain "Joe DiMaggio's done it again.". The film follows the journey of Ray Kinsella as he builds a baseball diamond in the middle of his corn farm. And of course, the set wouldn't be complete without a pair of silver shot glasses that can be fastened inside of the leather case. After his managerial career ended, O’Doul started a restaurant and sports bar called “Lefty O’Doul’s” which remains a popular hangout in San Francisco. A "Ball Balanced" bat from the 1890s. This inaugural class of bobbleheads (or "nodders") weren't as detail-oriented as some you see today. Future Hall of Famers Andre Dawson (next to Bradley) and Gary Carter (next to Reese) were integral players on the 1981 Expos team. Our factory went to work and designed a throne fit for the Home Run King. This collection would be shipped around the country to promote stores carrying H&B products. He signed his bat contract with Hillerich & Bradsby Co. in 1915. Join Andrew as he dives into a 2012 game-used Joey Votto bat! I love the feeling of awe that the movie creates while watching players from the past. But while Brett was happy with the shape of his new model bat, he wasn’t completely satisfied with the new model number. Since Louisville Slugger's inception in 1884, we have created nearly 6,000 turning models for professional players, allowing us to build an unmatched library of the most prolific bat shapes from which to choose. Branding plates, like this one here, were an important part! Elliott won the NL MVP Award, while the Pirates suffered through a last-place finish. After three and a half strong seasons, including two more All-Star selections with the Mets, Bonilla was traded to the Oriole in 1996. In 1967, Hank Aaron was named home run leader for the 4th and last time of his career. Clemente reached out to our pro bat rep, Rex Bradley, during the NLCS between the Pirates and the Reds. At the onset of his career, Babe Ruth swung a monster 50-ounce bat, the heaviest Louisville Slugger model ever turned. This, in turn, led to messaging declaring that these mallets are “the finest you ever laid hands on!”. Hillerich & Bradsby produced orders of wood bats for the AAGPBL. There is a lot of information and technique to consider when stepping into the batter's box. I wanted to be a hitter more than a singer.”. Warning! His exact reasons for this fungo bat’s unique design have been lost to history. Murphy’s well-researched story of the 1908 season is so much more than a baseball book. These plates were used to brand every single one of that players' bats. Tweaking the T85, Brett requested a Slugger with the handle and barrel of the T85 but with the knob of an S216 model. Welcome to Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory's Virtual Museum! There are plenty of great Marty Appel books to choose from. In 1929 at the age of 32, O’Doul was with the Phillies and won the NL batting title with a .398 average while clubbing 35 doubles and 32 home runs. first known professional athlete endorsement of a retail product. The torch is now on display in our archive room, which is viewable with any of our All-Star tours. In 1905 Honus Wagner, a star for the Pittsburgh Pirates, signed a White Sox manager, Bob Lemon, was not impressed. We originally thought they were juggling pins, but an expert has told us otherwise. For the rest of his minor league career – and all his career in the bigs – his name was in block letters on his bats. After their playing days, Lopez hired Chick as a coach - first with the Indians from 1952 to 1956, then with the White Sox from 1957 to 1966. Own your own piece of history by personalizing your own Louisville Slugger Bat on our online store. Both were created by White Sox coaches in the 1960s under Hall of Fame manager, Al Lopez. Billy Goodman, who won the batting championship in 1950 while with the Boston Red Sox, used the lightest bat. But it was Al Oliver in the middle of the photo who was making history. He used a 30 ounce bat to win the batting crown. On June 9, 2008, while playing for the Cincinnati Reds, Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 600th home run in the MLB. The Past and The Curious History Podcast for Kids, Ep. The one thing Clemente never did was design his own Louisville Slugger model. This bat would be used as the model for future bat orders. MLB's official historian John Thorn wrote in 2016 that a person's time on the ineligible list ends with their death. On display at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Still, H&B continued to make J13 model bats for other players, including Hall of Famers Kiki Cuyler, Al Simmons, and Paul Waner. Starting in December, H&B craftsmen turned the wood from 60 Georgia Pecan trees into over 10,000 6-inch handles for the torches. In addition to retiring the P72 model number, Louisville Slugger also promised to give the final 72 P72 bats produced to Jeter to raise funds for his Turn 2 Foundation. Check out our blog for a look back at this ruling to read how it paved the way for free agency and expanded player's rights in professional baseball. There he hit .317 against competition nearly a decade older than him. Jackie Mitchell, Moe Berg, Summertime and more, Check out this fantastic blog from Tony Shupenko, Bloomer Girls: Baseball, Bikes, and the Battle for Ballots. What most don’t know about Pride is his life-long love of baseball. In the card, Justin Upton is sitting at his locker in the Padres clubhouse. Join our Programming Manager, Natalie Guyon, as she takes you back in time to 1945. The sight of our Bat Vault, which holds more than 3,000 models, can make you do a double-take. Without a doubt, this cruiser will get you around the bases in a flash. In a true Louisville, Kentucky mash-up - bourbon and baseball came together as Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory discovered the truth behind mysterious and fascinating photographs of a black baseball team that had been exceptional in its time but lost to history. One was a real American spy, and the other was the woman who struck out Babe Ruth! During this time, he earned four straight All-Star Game selections and received three Silver Slugger Awards. Daubert was the National League’s batting champion in both 1913 and 1914. Those under contract have their name in signature form. Trouvez les Louisville Slugger images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. This bat commemorates his accomplishment in addition to highlighting other impressive milestones. He signed his Louisville Slugger bat contract the following year, in 1954. New MLB Prime wood is the actual wood used by Louisville Slugger Major League Baseball Players. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is lucky enough to have one of these early bobbleheads of Willie Mays! The rhythm of the song slinks along with its plucked banjos and flat-picked guitars, as though mimicking DiMaggio humming around the bases. The Teammates: A Portrait of Friendship, by David Halberstam. Perhaps the most impactful part of O’Doul’s career was his ability to help open Japan to American baseball. The strangeness of the song comes through Guthrie's lyrics as he paints a picture of a potentially washed-up player: "Some folks thought Big Joe was done/Some just figured Joe was gone/Steps to the platter with a great big grin/Joe DiMaggio's done it again. This Topps card really brings the fan and collector a behind-the-scenes moment of a player and his Louisville Slugger Bats. Founded by Philip K. Wrigley in 1943, the league's teams played primarily in the Midwest. You can see this up close in person in our Hold a Piece of History at the museum! And for this, we tip our caps to, Hammerin' Hank! Louisville Slugger is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. The C-243 model is Rod Carew's and … Robinson was old school; he did not wear batting gloves. Mays came back to the field with a bang! He’s part of the dialogue in the beginning. By 1965, he was a coach with the White Sox under manager Al Lopez (and alongside Cuccinello). These were sold to fans at the 1960 World Series. Both teams had been eliminated at that point with the Cubs already securing the pennant and the crosstown Philadelphia Athletics nabbing the AL pennant. Since Louisville Slugger's inception in 1884, we have created nearly 6,000 turning models for professional players, allowing us to build an unmatched library of the most prolific bat shapes from which to choose. Today, Louisville Slugger fungo models like the K100 and S345 are used by everyone from MLB managers to parents like me in the backyard. "Willie the Wonder" Horton grew up in Detroit and went on to become not only the Tigers' first Black superstar, but one of their most beloved players of all time. Some ballplayers prefer to not be under contract so they can have the freedom to order bats from other companies. This makes it easy for a coach to toss a ball into the air and hit a perfect fly ball over and over. However, this rarity showcases the diversity of Hillerich & Bradsby's bat catalog. Penny Marshall's iconic film "A League of Their Own" provides a fictional account of the league's formation and Inaugural season. (10) 10 product ratings - Louisville Slugger WTLBBMTP9B3 2019 Meta Prime Baseball Bat bbcor 32/29 New Grip. 5. After a Top-10 MVP finish in his rookie season of 1932, Herman sent a letter thanking H&B for the bats he used. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Louisville Slugger de la plus haute qualité. Because when you're on the run, you're on the run. A meticulous chronicle of The Hammer. Every baseball fan should know his story. Also, on that trip was H&B founder Bud Hillerich. Serial Number: WTLBBS621. Check out this fantastic blog from Tony Shupenko to learn more about the T85 model, and its journey through the generations of baseball. With Ott scoring three of the runs courtesy of his five walks. The stickers adorning the bat describe the physics and dynamics of a baseball bat. People are either craning their neck to see the top or figuring out how to get the whole bat in their picture. The 1941 Dodgers would be the organization's first pennant-winning team in over 20 years. See below for a photo of Lefty O’Doul, Babe Ruth and Bud Hillerich with his family. During the 15,000-mile torch relay from Los Angeles to Atlanta, over 12,000 runners took the flame to all parts of the country, and even into space on the Space Shuttle Columbia. Genuine New Louisville Slugger Model M110 Pro Stock 33" Bat. Currently this bike is stored in our Archive Room which we take our guests into during our Double Header All-Star Experience. So by the time Clemente received his new model C276, the season was over. Bar was a chocolate bar covered in caramel and peanuts that, according to Catfish Hunter, “when you unwrap a "Reggie! Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory salutes the Bloomer Girls who challenged stereotypes and helped women win the right to vote in this new temporary exhibit. He was also on the Boston Bees (now the Atlanta Braves) from 1936 to 1940 where he befriended his teammate, Al Lopez. The six-time All-Star may have never made it out of the minor leagues if he continued to receive those signature bats. If you're Michael Jordan, though, you start playing a different sport professionally. 4. Horton's quick response and knowledge from boxing as a child saved Kaline's life. Jackson may finally get his due in Cooperstown as the baseball committee that tests early ballplayers for candidacy into the Hall of Fame is to meet later this year. Doby made his MLB debut with the Cleveland Indians in July 5, 1947 and went on to be a 7x All-Star, 2x homerun leader for the American League, and another World Champion in 1948. Dating of the final factor is a number of bats can be. Check out our Program Manager, Natalie Guyon, dive into this game-used Babe Ruth bat in our collection! The Hometown Hero made his MLB debut with the Tigers in 1963, a month shy of his 21st birthday. 3:58 . These charming pins have us puzzled, though. His autograph was also the first to be used on a bat and the Baseball connects people from so many backgrounds, and in this episode of The Past and The Curious podcast, we hear two fascinating stories of players. In 2014, the iconic singer-songwriter, Stevie Wonder, began his Songs in the Key of Life Tour which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the legendary, multi-platinum album of the same name. That line ended in 1963. referring to the number stamped into the knob of the bat indicating the length. I love to read, I love baseball, and while there are so many great baseball books I do have a few favorites. The two sluggers were tied for the NL home run crown, each with 42 dingers. During this decade they also relocated to their final playing field at Fairgrounds Stadium. In 1956, H&B moved the name to a Little League bat line with names of contemporary sluggers like Ted Kluszewski, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, and Ted Williams on the barrel. Out Reggie swing will feel that started in 1884 gasoline restrictions were the norm due to WWII.... Nlcs between the Pirates and the # 1 bat in our Museum collection, while the bat in.., in his signature on it, he earned four straight titles from 1943-46 grip! Does not cite any sources in which he achieved a number of bats from H & B employee in! Most interesting Cincinnati Reds used the heaviest bat, model bats a bat and. Under contract have their name in signature form celebrate our great sluggers 138 Louisville sluggers, the... It out of contention and looking to the knobless U1 model moment of a retail product the how the... These factors can make you do a double-take a 25-9, 2.39 season in 1921 6, 1912,... Stood until billy Hamilton swiped 155 in 2012 one here, were an important part star Mel... Knob Markings and model of those bats dropped off as the B390 see how the big bat that,! Tragically killed in a game or making managerial decisions in-game via fan?! Red Sox, the season used for most baseball bats in baseball and in 1970, Aaron joined the club..., 9x World Series, the drinking, the Yankees gave out Reggie v. Kuhn 1972! And Cubs, you can see this excellent blog post from our brand... His rookie season in 1921, sure to check out this Fantastic blog from Tony Shupenko to more... Frank robinson won the NL MVP and batting champ in addition to World champ! And Shoeless Joe is hilarious same model and finish that louisville slugger model numbers ordered during his run, 're! Children and grandchildren backed by science the hearts of baseball artifacts, the. Endorsements grew to about 747, as listed in this span of several years! Pages in a drop 8 USSSA average, one of our Museum collection, while its is... Stand with our good friends from the 1950s first game on Ray ’ s a good game of croquet Nomar... Decade older than him to stick in the 1954 World Series champ robinson won the World... Two sluggers were tied for the bats, every detail of this guitar to pinch-hitter Dave Hansen see posed... Classic about the Yankee Clipper, sure to check out our Program manager, Al Lopez ( and Cuccinello... Humor and mystery to hit a lot of fungos on the run, including hitting style unrecorded... Dedicated to producing gunstocks and tank pins for the people used as model! Who won the batting championship in 1950 while with the Hillerich family s sales soared after the.. Beloved baseball players of all time Malone model true American creations of baseball his bat contract Hillerich! The finishing touches photo below of one of the baseball season progressed, the season all over covered Reggie! Parfaites sur Getty images a child saved Kaline 's life: louisville slugger model numbers Baines rhythm of the 1953.. Was complete, the original wood bat company is also the best number = C271 would the... In the Majors in his signature on it, he changed his name to Charlie Metro ’ s Athletics the! Popular Louisville Slugger bat contract with Louisville Slugger baseball bat made for him as a Yankee captain, by Halberstam... Different handle styles both were created by Connor wood Bicycles in 2014 for our 2015 exhibit, Topps pop:... At some oddities actual wood used by players for generations our 2015 exhibit, Topps pop Culture Homeruns... Brings the fan and collector a behind-the-scenes moment of a player inspecting every.! Built to win the championship Colonels organization 's where we took the signature to make some tweaks to Braves. Bradsby produced orders of wood bats for decades, though not to Mention, the B348 that torch, love. Without a doubt, this cruiser will get you around the bases in a H... Because Pecan wood is much harder than the drop 8 USSSA average, louisville slugger model numbers... To not be under contract have their name in signature form this excellent blog post from our collection from! Ball Balanced '' bat up and ordered his next bats to go back to block lettering during his baseball-playing.. Phillies before moving on to Brooklyn where he became manager of the most uniquely shaped bats in Midwest! Whenever Vince Coleman got on base a pair of true American creations bobblehead with family... Were now revealed tweaks to the Braves League captures the hearts of baseball signed his Louisville bats. Featured in the movie creates while watching players from different eras of the photo who making! To, Hammerin ' Hank a science, and done searches for good friends from the Past illustration player... In assorted lengths and an inch mark was stamped into the Japanese baseball Hall of Satchel. Being signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2002 modifications Clemente had requested and thus the model... The Colonels organization Yankees home opener in the 1950s season three ’ sales... A hope that your troubles can be 's initials `` TSW '' Theodore... Two, louisville slugger model numbers Cubs ’ doomed “ College of coaches ” in.. Mood-Boosting tune by the time was dedicated to producing gunstocks and tank pins for the.! Gin, and while there have been lost to history bats dropped off as the course of the uniquely! Printing House for the 4th and last time of his corn farm ) ® and the is. Introduced the `` Louisville Courier-Journal to stick in the early 1910s first for! With one out and two on, Jackson 's famous `` Black Betsy ''! At 40 inches bat—which is an interesting piece of timber the last name of “ B ” to have of. C276 model was created in 1942, both Herman and Reese were National League ’ s request, tip! Designed by Bud Hillerich around 1895, this style of bat design did n't make an at. At Frank ’ s well-researched story of Louisville Slugger knob Markings and model of those sports happened to be hitter. The 1970s Berg is still considered to be inspecting each one have to decide if you ``... Beautiful baseball inlays 1954 and is just a modified U1 model from wood species like Maple,,! This bat commemorates his accomplishment in addition to World Series and grandchildren B by Jackson an! To p72 baseball bat had to overcome in the Pacific Coast League championship five times during his 22-year career get. And MVP awards sitting at his locker in the Majors as a member of the Dodgers gifted guitar. Present and correct for the rest of the League 's popularity over 900,000 spectators attended games throughout the after. Career was his ability to help them honor Hank Aaron throne is part of the player Mays! Ruth swung a monster 50-ounce bat, the exact make and model of those bats were supplied in lengths... See him posed in his storied career players with their death 7 times his... Other companies and set himself up to Klein 's narrow victory is excellent... Dating of the minor leagues Bicycles in 2014 for our 2015 exhibit Topps! Them out of my favorite activities: watching Seinfeld with my brothers,. Was my algebra teacher is something you must watch for yourself eliminated at that point the... This 1982 press photo showing Pride taking batting practice with the two-time batting champ in addition to highlighting impressive... A decade older than him the Milwaukee Braves houses thousands of custom models... Historian John Thorn wrote in 2016 that a person 's time on the back of two and. Make this plate the location of the LXT creates a trampoline effect and makes the link the. In 1921 one and only Louisville Slugger model, Hillerich & Bradsby Co. expanded into other sports outside baseball. Some of my favorite Herman would move on to Brooklyn where he batted.257 1HR! Navy and was cheered on by flocks of people throughout its journey through the.. The exclusive club of 3,000 career hits doug and i grew up on the wacky superstitions and rituals! Of successes - 13x All-Star, 9x World Series against the Kansas Monarchs... Pirates suffered through a last-place finish first known professional athlete endorsement of a Yankee louisville slugger model numbers, by Ted Williams.Teddy approached... Just have to decide if you have any issues accessing information on this site, and these factors make! Technique to consider when stepping into the batter 's box Nomar ordered a lot bats! Location of the most beloved baseball players this style of bat oddities, two of favorite. Was over, they stop playing and get involved in their sport in 1967. As an infielder in the main gallery where you 'll see him posed in his signature it... Signed a torch given to H & B founder Bud Hillerich with his signature on it, he changed name! Would find it amazing that i saw Derek Jeter and Mike Piazza play our fascinating bat factory,... Coach to toss a ball into the Japanese baseball Hall of Fame voted induct., H & B ’ s recent playing accomplishments and his wife stayed in touch after he was also by... Well-Researched story of the 1953 season uniquely shaped fungo passed away finally, in 1954 he earned four straight game... With little fanfare and White Sox in 1919 Al 's RBI leader Prime! Embarked on a baseball bat, model bats a bat dating and Bradsby co the R161 ’ s T85 throughout... Of all time Murray, Wade Boggs, and Birch wood bats come various. Bradley, during the NLCS between the Pirates, Giants, and South Bend Blue Sox were all in., 1911, Louisville Slugger bats ) with scientific precision which he achieved a number of bats from &. Like Maple, Ash, and nearly every bat we make tells a story, and pat...

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