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Tuk Tuk Salona, Klis tour

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Tuk Tuk Salona, Klis tour

Price: 70 € / person

Minimum persons: 4 person

Wind in the hair with local history is perfect combination for meet Dalmatia! Unique engine tuk tuk and our guide will provide you lot of informations and make your tour special!

what you will see

1. Ancient Salona

Salona was an ancient city and the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The name Salona preserves the language of the early inhabitants of this area whom the Romans called Dalmatae, and considered to be part of a larger group called Illyrians.Salona (or Salon) is situated in today’s town of Solin, right next to Split.

2. Klis Fortress

The Klis Fortress is a medieval fortress situated above a village bearing the same name, near Split, Croatia.

From its origin as a small stronghold built by the ancient Illyrian tribe Dalmatae, becoming a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian kings, to its final development as a large fortress during the Ottoman wars in Europe, Klis Fortress has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more-than-two-thousand-year-long history.

Due to its location on a pass that separates the mountains Mosor and Kozjak, the fortress served as a major source of defense in Dalmatia, especially in its successful use in battle against the Mongols and against the Ottoman advance into the Balkans.

10. Lunch

Included (autenthic tavern). Here you will enjoy a truly refined ambience in the very center of Solin in the original Dalmatian specialties you are guessing, not complete without the wine list of famous wineries of our region.


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Tuk Tuk Salona, Klis tour



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